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Some of the letters described how his material often served as a crutch for those who were dealing with depression.The following year, he recorded Flyin' Shoes; he would not release another album until 1987's At My Window.Townes was a good student and active in team sports. The University of Colorado at Boulder accepted Van Zandt as a student in 1962.

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He would later tell an interviewer that "watching Elvis Presley's October 28, 1956, performance on The Ed Sullivan Show was the starting point for me becoming a guitar player...The album showcased Van Zandt solo at a 1973 concert before a small audience, and less elaborately produced than many of his early records.Though the club was only advertised through small ads in the back of music magazines, Lomax immediately began to receive hundreds of impassioned letters from around the world written by people who felt touched by Van Zandt.In 1975, Van Zandt was featured prominently in the documentary film Heartworn Highways with Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Steve Young, Gamble Rogers, Charlie Daniels and David Allan Coe.His segment of the film was shot at his run-down trailer home in Austin, Texas, where Van Zandt is shown drinking straight whiskey during the middle of the day, shooting and playing with guns, and performing the songs "Waitin' Around to Die" and "Pancho & Lefty." In 1977, Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas was released.

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