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So I think that letting them know I am an overly enthusiastic geek who wants to do them justice was a big part of my thing."Juilliard didn't necessarily teach the young actors how to handle the attention that would come with joining a series with such a sprawling fandom, but once aboard the starship Discovery (and the Klingon sarcophagus ship), Wiseman and Chieffo had the guidance of their new peers, both off the show, like ," Wiseman said.

"They were really helpful in trying to prepare me for what this world would look like after the show came out."Advice came in the form of "don't read the comments," Wiseman said with a laugh.

As a kid, our tree was covered in spaceships from the Federation and elsewhere, but I personally wasn't super indoctrinated until I started dating my boyfriend, he and his family are very enthusiastic Trekkies," Wiseman told E! "They go to conventions, and they love that whole lifestyle so, so much." had more eyeballs than your typical new TV show launch.

We haven't had a scene together, but I feel like we were hand-in-hand through this the whole time, which was so cool.Neither had any idea the other was cast in until it was announced by CBS, but once reunited, their shared experience has become a defining one.Chieffo said they were able to decompress about their shared experience at school and grow closer as a result."It really has got us together in a such a beautiful new way... Webb, I played her mom, in , we played sisters…I think what's cool is there's a sisterly, motherly thing on both sides," Chieffo said.It was my intention to feature a lot of stories about Nate's single dad, and all the comic possibilities inherent in that.But before too long, I realized that the part of the strip that I enjoyed most was the school humor.

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