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She recently released a book, “Love Well, Don’t Get Hurt,” and her advice reads like an argument against China’s ancient pieties.

Despite her company’s name, Gong projects nothing more plainly than a conviction that fate is obsolete.“Chinese people still put their faith in destiny,” she told the new employees. We’re giving people the freedom of love.”After the orientation, Gong took the elevator back up to her office, on the tenth floor, and finished the day, as she often does, answering letters in her capacity as “Little Dragon Lady,” an advice columnist attuned to the specific problems of the People’s Republic.“They say, ‘Oh, I’ll get used to whatever happens.’ But you know what? She flipped through messages from anguished bachelors, meddling parents, and anxious brides—many of them current or former members.Above all, Gong frames the search for love as a matter of fortitude.Heaven, she wrote, “will never throw you a meat pie.”Growing up, Gong Haiyan never considered herself a catch.

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