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The younger woman will also be seen as a gold-digger and will therefore be resented by others, even if it's not true.

When in a relationship with a younger woman, the older man can rest assured that she will update him in every sense of the word.

More often than not, the younger woman will take charge of the relationship and ensure that her older man is always abreast of his peers.

And as the much older, financially stable one in the relationship, the younger woman might expect him to fund all of the new things she is teaching him.

From the latest apps and gadgets all the way to what’s “popping” in pop culture and fashion trends.

She will definitely teach him a thing or two about the latest slang and make him stand out amongst his peers.

Chances are, she will suggest the funniest adventures, including sex positions that will make him feel like a stud.

Dating her will most certainly be a bragging point to his friends, who will definitely praise him for being a stud.

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