Dave's guide to online dating

Perhaps if we ask nicely or beg loudly, Janet will someday share her online dating tips for Filipinas.

I should as always emphasize that these were my methods and my experience only, so guys try not to whine that the girls online are all scammers and girls, let’s not pretend that you weren’t online checking out foreigners.

is one of the best programs MTV has picked up in a long time.

Based on the 2009 documentary by the same name, the series stars Nev Schulman who, inspired by his own experience, goes around the country meeting people who have romantic relationships over the Internet with people they've never met.

See more » A few years ago late night comedic TV show hosts used to do this thing where they'd just use internet terms outside of the internet as the entire punchline to a joke. Adam devine was the only saving grace in this flick.

While there are several well-known free dating sites catering to Asian women, pay your money and go to one of the real, i.e. I’m all for living on the cheap, but if you aren’t willing to pay the monthly fee, you’re never going to pay to go to the Philippines to meet her – so quit while you’re ahead.

They just slur their words and hicup a lot and mention "fist ing" and "tinder" and "finger ing" over and over, its not funny unless you've never been exposed to dirty humour before.

Why didn't they just have a few drinks before filming?

The wedding in the movie was not originally going to be set in Hawaii but was going to be set in Napa, California.

In real life, the nuptials Mike and Dave went to were held in Saratoga, New York State.

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