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"The things Janet does always make sense," he laughed.

Which raises the question of what will happen when Yellen leaves.

"I believe that since I've become Chair, several million jobs have been created, [something] on the order of ten million."Yellen is used to debating economic policy, even at home.

Her husband, George Akerlof, happens to be a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

""Right, so it is common for people to be reappointed by presidents of the opposite party," Yellen said.

"I made clear that I would be willing to serve another term, and so yes, I do feel a sense of disappointment.

"And it would be a grave mistake to roll that back."And on Yellen's last day in office, the Fed flexed its muscles, for "widespread consumer abuses."As for whether Yellen's view that the stock market (which plummeted on Friday) has been too high in recent months: "Well, I don't want to say too high. Price-earnings ratios are near the high end of their historical ranges. But it is a source of some concern that asset valuations are so high. "But for now, Janet Yellen departs, feeling that she's leaving the economy stronger than she found it -- and exiting a job she dearly loved, among people who seemed to love her.

If you look at commercial real estate prices, they are quite high relative to rents. "What we look at is, if stock prices or asset prices more generally were to fall, what would that mean for the economy as a whole? To applause in the Federal Reserve cafeteria, she laughed, "Last opportunity for lunch!

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The House has passed a bill that would curtail the Fed's independence when it comes to setting interest rates; and there is also talk of rolling back regulations the Fed imposed on banks after the economic collapse."They are now much safer, much sounder, and much better at managing their risks," she said.

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"But look, I've been in high level positions in the Federal Reserve for many years, where I think I've had a seat at the table to make the arguments that I thought needed to be made and to advocate for good policy."Yellen, a Democrat, will be succeeded by Jerome Powell, a Republican, but someone who has been described as her protégé. I've worked with Governor Powell for five years, very constructively.

Braver said, "People say that you're supportive of him. He is thoughtful, balanced, dedicated to public service.

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