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The curse was we were there from September to April every year, so cold.I love Toronto, but I wasn’t in LA or New York and unable to begin a career outside of the show.’ So excited to be doing it with a great cast and the rehearsals are so mellow and fun.” Originally from New Hampshire and Georgia, Harrison started acting in community theater when he was six, was schooled in Ohio and, after a toe-dabble in Los Angeles, is now a firmly based New Yorker.“Queer as Folk” happened shortly after he moved here at 22: “I was freelancing with an agent and was doing a showcase when I auditioned for it on tape, as most of it was being cast in LA.

[]; { //open / close the menu via button partial: "Partial Top Navigation", context Selector: ".star Randy Harrison has been reminiscing on the days of filming the show, discussing what it would be like if the show was re-booted today, and what he thinks became of his character Justin's stormy relationship with Brian (Gale Harold).Much more so than for the original UK version of the show, which I don’t think got out of that country much, and we also apparently have a big fan base in South and Central America.” I went to an early New York Times sponsored “Queer” event and was startled by how the fans took it: “Yeah, it was their life.They thought we were the characters, but now it’s maybe been a long enough time and I’ve aged enough. “I never had any real bad stalkers but I do get scared when people get your home address and it’s on the Internet.

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