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Conclusions: This study further strengthens the hypothesis that repetitive trauma to the palmar fascia predisposes to the development of Dupuytren’s disease in men.

The aetiology of Dupuytren’s disease is unclear and many predisposing conditions have been implicated.

While ascending a wall or rock face, rock climbers use a number of different hand holds to support a large proportion of their body weight, subjecting the hands to large forces.

These forces put considerable pressure on the fascia and other soft tissues of the hand while placing tremendous strain on the tendons and pulleys.

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The third section enquired about climbing history to date.These detailed basic information about the climber, the presence of Dupuytren’s disease, and any known risk factors for its development.Results: About half (51%) of the questionnaires were returned. It was revealed that 19.5% of male climbers had developed Dupuytren’s disease.The disease severity of each finger could be marked on corresponding illustrations of fingers in various degrees of flexion (fig 1).An explanation of the study and questionnaire, including details of Dupuytren’s disease and the signs to look for, was attached as a separate document.

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