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(updated below) The sad deaths of five young men in a well in Malé Fish Market on 3 March 2008 (Youth Day in the Maldives) shocked the people of the Maldives and have raised concerns about the safety of the use of groundwater in Malé.

Those young men had been in the process of drilling boreholes in the well to increase the water level, because the well dried up easily.

As the country is still trying to figure out how the unfortunate deaths of five young men took place on Youth Day, the regulatory body of water and sanitation issues in the Maldives (Maldives Water and Sanitation Authority) remains silent on this issue.A WHO report of 1995 further says that chemical analysis in Male’ shows that groundwater contains high amounts of nitrate and sulphates.High levels of ammonia were detected in a few wells (0.4-0.6 mg/l) indicating sewage pollution while raised p H levels (7.5 -8.0) confirmed the extent of contamination.Following the nation's opening to the outside world, the introduction of English as a medium of instruction at secondary and tertiary level of education, and its government's recognition of the opportunities offered through tourism, English has now firmly established itself in the country.As such, Maldives is quite similar to the countries in the Gulf region (cf. The nation is undergoing vast societal change, and English is part of this.

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