Ms access turn off screenupdating

Be warned, however, that this method is totally undocumented, is unsupported by Microsoft, and doesn't work in Access 2000 or later.

The Application object in Access supports the Get Option and Set Option methods, which allow you to get and set global options.

In older versions of Access, you had to resort to hacks to hide reports in design view.

Fortunately, that is no longer necessary in Access 2002 and later, because Microsoft has finally supplied a parameter that can be used to hide a report when you open it, even if it's opened in design view.

By passing this method a True or a False value, you can indicate whether you want to display updating within the main Access window.

The form includes a checkbox that allows you to run the test with screen updates enabled or disabled.

Without the checkbox set, you will see the reports open and minimize, in design view. Echo method is simple to use, but many developers miss it, allowing their applications to appear somewhat dizzying as objects appear and disappear from the screen.

The acb Show Updates method really doesn't do much besides what a direct call to Application.

It's not nearly as useful with forms as it is with reports, however, because in older versions of Access you can open hidden forms but not hidden reports. Any time you turn off the screen display, you absolutely must include an error handler in your routine that will immediately reenable screen updates if an error occurs.

To retrieve the information about the report properties sheet in Access 97 or 95, use a call like this: This will retrieve a string containing information on the report properties sheet's location and whether or not to display it when you open a report in design view.

The string will be in this format: indicating that the properties sheet will be visible when you load a report and that when it does show up it will be at 510, 433 with a width of 835 and a height of 683.

Echo to turn off screen updating while opening a report in design view may not hide screen updates.

In that case, you may want to try an alternate technique, calling the parallel .

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