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So your phone is a mobile carrier of germs and you need to be extremely cautious of them.

Not all germs make you sick But whether or not the germs on your phone make you sick depends on the type of germ, your immune system, and your phone habits.

In fact, we need some germs, like the ‘good bacteria’ on our skin and in our gut, to stay healthy.

While we are not trying to make you a germaphobe, we just want you to limit exposure to pathogens or germs that can cause the disease.

This is how your baby will develop his social skills .

During his first year, his focus will be on discovering what he can do, such as picking up objects, walking, and chatting and playing with you.

This is a sure sign that you have bonded with each other.

With your help, he will begin to enjoy their company, too.

At this age, when you hold your baby in your arms, you will naturally be holding him about 20cm to 30cm from your face.

When your baby is born, this is the distance at which he can best focus.

Don’t use antibacterial wipes, which can damage the screen.

You can sanitize once a week right after you have placed your phone in, particularly dirty place.

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