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The Titans run the ball better, they are only about 7 points worse in the passing game (Mariota's top receiver - Mariota - is ALWAYS open! Jaguars 27, Bills 14 LA Rams -5.5 Atlanta (4.5 Stars) LOSS The Rams are arguably the best team in the NFL entering play this weekend.

), and they don't even yield a lot of sacks and turnovers. They aren't the assholes who gave up a 70 yard TD with a 12 point lead and blew the pointspread today. That doesnt mean the Falcons will be a cakewalk, as the Falcons bring a top defense and an offense one year removed from the Superbowl.

Let's be honest: the Patriots have never killed ANYONE in the Superbowl and this figures to be another nail-biter.

Primarily, I don't see how they slow the Eagles rushing attack, especially with their own Blunt plowing them down.

My top margin of victory is only 16 points, and that's considering the fact the Patriots seem to blow the spread apart every week. Don't bet the farm, but odds favor you at least by a hair. But under pressure by the Rams explosive offense, a couple minor mistakes may compound to a decisive Rams knockout.

Titans 17, Patriots 27 New Orleans 5.5 Minnesota (3 Stars) **WIN** No question I'll take the Saints offense over the Vikings every day of the year. Rams 32, Falcons 22 Tennessee 8.5 KC (2 Stars) **WIN** While I fully expect the Chiefs to emerge victorious, I view them as one of the biggest upset risks of the weekend even if teams like the Falcons and Panthers garner more attention.

A great ground game should really help the Texans Qb suck less. Cincinnati -6.5 Chicago (3 Stars) LOSS I don't trust Chicago anymore. Giants 3.5 Dallas (2 Stars) LOSS Whenever teams fire the coach, they often seem to play better.

They seem swamped with injuries and their performance is declining. Jets -1.5 Denver (2.5 Stars) LOSS With an absolutely dreadful offense and a mediocre-at-best defense, the Broncos are a pretty terrible team. With Eli back under center, I think this could be a spirited effort against a Cowboys team that hasn't looked very good since Zeek's suspension took effect. I don't know how they can win one-dimensional football with who they have available under center. Kansas City -4 Oakland (1.5 Stars) **WIN** I've been calling KC pretty well the last few weeks (lose, lose, lose)..I think they get the win in this one. Rams -1 Philadelphia (1.5 Stars) LOSS The Rams will need to beat an Eagles team looking to bounce off last week's primetime defeat in Seattle, where they did not play particularly well.

The statistical matchup substantially favors an EAGLES win.

I've been pretty lousy about predicting Superbowls but that hasn't really included the Patriots, where my numbers are generally very solid in their playoff games and Superbowls.

I don't really know who will win this game but I'm confident in a cover!

Once again with the stronger rushing game in their favor, they figure to overcome as long as they can protect Foles enough to reach the end of the game. (ok, I've probably lost EVERY Superbowl including the ones predating my birth but besides that...

Eagles 24, Vikings 23 Hopefully SOMEONE is still reading this. I mean, I really thought the Colts would beat the Jets!

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