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Did this in an hour when taking a break from English work. : C If they end up breaking up, Kou's scared that he'd lose Daisuke as his best friend. Aww, medli has some really cute pictures of them in her gallery. Kou tells Daisuke that he's willing to get in a relationship with Daisuke, but he's scared that once they get into a relationship, everything will change. I should draw them one of these days and help spread the love. Hi:)My name is Andi and I write Homoerotic Romance Novels.I've been asked several times if I really do believe in happy endings. As a shameless romantic at heart, all of my books will always give my heroes the happy ending they deserve.I don't get on Goodreads as often as I should, so I'm truly sorry for the tardy reply.I'm actually working on the second book in the Circle of Friends series right now. It is Tyler's story and I'm having a blast writing it.Compare and contrast this with North America, where the vast majority of Americans can't remember the last time they ever walked into a comics shop, much less read comics that wasn't in their Sunday newspaper. As the end of May 2012, the year-to-date sales of VIZ Media's edition of , a creator-owned comic published by Image Comics.

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This was only amplified when a musician-turned-economics professor responded with a rebuttal posted at The Trichordist about how the music industry has changed due to this consumer mindset, and not for the better. Artists deserve to get paid for what they do, and that includes the artists, writers, editors, graphic designers and everyone else who makes comics that you enjoy reading.original work, and the job prospects for non-Japanese artists who go to Japan to draw comics in 's motherland.This all brings us to Part 5, the penultimate part of our Making a Living in Manga series, where we try to explain why we can't just make what works in Japan work in North America and try to come up some some ideas on how to take this sad song and make it better. ) we close things off with five more things to consider.It is all in the worries of when one decides to take the next step beyond friends. Ahaha.;; Character: Daisuke and Kou Character From: Persona 4Colored In: Sai, edited in Photoshop Colored By: Roy Lover Drawn With: tablet Drawn By: Roy Lover So beautiful! These two are one of my all time favorite pairs, and you are so right that there is absolutely NO fanart of them. But yeah, I drew this because I was browsing Persona 4 fanart (the Japanese ones) cause there is no fanart of these two.

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