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The bill would make it tougher for Backpage and similar websites to use Internet law and the First Amendment to claim they are merely online publishers, little different from Google, news websites or apartment-ad sites.The bill would carve out an exception from a law Congress created, the Communications Decency Act of 1996, that immunized websites from liability for hosting user-generated content.Thumbs up for the information provided, thumbs down for the method employed.Women are people, not things to be used or sold, either as a whole or as side dishes."The Communications Decency Act is a well-intentioned law, but it was never intended to help protect sex traffickers who prey on the most innocent and vulnerable among us," Portman said.More senators could sign on, but even now this has support from more than one-fifth of the Senate's members, including Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown. Clark, president and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said the bill would "help ensure justice for child sex trafficking victims and clarify remedies available to civil attorneys and state attorneys general to assist victims in holding responsible everyone who participated in their trafficking." Liz Mc Dougall, an attorney for Backpage, said the company had no comment.One of the most powerful things about relational databases like my SQL is JOINing tables.Let's discuss writing different types of JOINS in my SQL.

Backpage also says it helps victims' assistance groups rescue teens held by pimps, passing along information to the groups and to police.Other senators on the bill include Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut; John Mc Cain, Republican of Arizona, John Cornyn, Republican of Texas; Heidi Heitkamp, Democrat of North Dakota; Shelley Moore Capito, Republican of West Virginia; Bob Casey, Democrat of Pennsylvania; Susan Collins, Republican of Maine; Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, and Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida.Several are former prosecutors or attorneys general who criticized Backpage harshly during Senate hearings over the last year.The Washington Post reported recently that it obtained newly-discovered documents showing Backpage hired a company in the Philippines to lure advertisers -- and customers seeking sex -- from sites run by its competitors.Even when Backpage said this year it would no longer run ads for adult services, the ads still appeared -- just under different headings.

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