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Op internet zijn er heel veel antiscam sites te vinden, echter in het praktijk heeft men geleerd dat ze allemaal wel onderdeel uitmaken van een huwelijksburo en/of een online dating site om zo hun eigen site “scamvrij” te kunnen prijzen, helaas blijkt dat in de praktijk ook niet zo te zijn.

Deze site maakt dus geen deel uit van een dating site of een huwelijksbureau, we zijn dus helemaal zelfstandig en onafhankelijk.

Since saturday 5 februari 2011 we launched this site.

On this site there should spoken in two languages, dutch and english, the english language is just for a better performance for the searchbots such as google and other so that our site will be listed also in the search results.

I still don't understand why there are still those kind of site that steal money from honest people. It seems (despite sometimes delivering their Gold and Accounts) that they are involved in some pretty SERIOUS SCAMMING and DATA-SELLING. (You've been warned) If you really dare and need convincing just read their Privacy Policy! Report to your Bank or payment system (probably 1st step).

Basically what honest people do is buy nothing because they never give you your purchased item, they are only trying to tell you excuses. Although I wouldn't ever risk a site like this again! Report to Game companies (if not your Game, simply report to all other Game companies relavent! Re-gather all new information and send to the POLICE!! Remember they tricked you and all you were doing was trying to was buy some imaginary Gold anyway! I ordered from GDP about 3 years ago and they didn't send me half of the money that I ordered at which point I filed a complaint at paypal and told them I would escalate to the point in which paypal would shut them down if they didn't comply, I had chat logs and proof that they didn't send me half of the money.

Soulful Encounters disabled dating site has been featured many times in the media - Learn more here Soulful Encounters disabled dating site has many happy members - Learn more here Soulful Encounters has several disabled dating success stories - Soulful Encounters is proudly scammer free!

They bought the former convent 10 years ago and were granted a wedding licence by East Riding Council in 2010, although couples were not allowed to get married 'over concerns for the health and safety of their registrars'.

Alle binnengekomen reacties zullen serieus worden behandeld en beoordeeld. Contact the online service multiple times, you get prompted with the same standard message.We are so sorry, yadayada, give us one more chance, we email you tomorrow. I have complain to the police because they gave me my gold.We should be glad to receive your responses, suggestions and questions.Humans have been compared to other species in terms of sexual behavior.

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    Therefore, we created AWAMICHAT – a great website available internationally to make friends, chat and exchange ideas.