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Hi, Putting too many controls in an update panel will certainly affect the performance. ...validators client-side javascript validation, Enable Event Validation=false Scenario: 1. appenddatabound=true and it is tied to a datasource (via datasourceid), autopostback=false, onchange=check If Add New(this) [this is the client side onchange event]The second option on this dropdown is "Add New", and the check If Add New function pops up a new window and when it returns, it adds the newly created option to the dropdown.

In order for this to happen without getting mad, Enable Event Validation has to be set to false in the Page directive. Based on which textbox has information in it validators need to catch required information.

On clicking the 'delete' button in the details view, i want the object to be deleted & updatepanel1 to be refreshed to show the new list.

My problem is that although the object is being deleted, updatepanel1 is not...

which is better, put them all in one update panel, or few controls in more update panels? gridview , formview, buttons, textboxes all in one update panel or gridview in update panel, formview in updat panel, buttons (that text needs to change based on some business rules) in update panel, etc?

besides will tables and divs inside update panel affect AJAx performance?!

You javascript experts for sure will know right away whats going on... I have a website where multiple users are updating various pages of data. Another way of posting back is using an Update Panel and placing a trigger in it for a specified control and/or event. Collapsible panels, Update panels and client side state Hi, I have a situation that I'm trying to resolve. In a situation that an AJAX submission takes more than a couple of seconds a user could open and close the collapsible panels.

If a user updates a particular section that other people are looking at I'd like to be able to trigger an update in the other peoples' Update Panels. Regards Matthew You can update a panel from server-side code, by simply use the Update method of the Update Panel that you want to update./Fredrik Normén - fredrikn @ twitter Microsoft MVP, MCSD, MCAD, MCTASPInsiders My Blog How do I get an event on one user's page to update other users' pages asyncronously? Update Panel inside Update Panel Hi, Can I have update panels inside other update panels. ---------------- register1 123 this should update label1 to 123 register3 234 ... The panels then start to refresh to the state captured at the time of the AJAX submission and not to the current state.

&...client side validation vs server side validation hello i see a web form that consists of three controls :textbox,requiredfieldvalidator that weired to the textbox and a button within the click event of the button there is the following: if page.isvalid then response.redirect("Page is valid") else response.redirect("Page is not valid") end if according to my understandings: when the user does not fill anything in the textbox and then clicks the button the the page will not be submitted (i.e no request to the page will be happened or no postback will be happened) then no server event will be happened so it is sure when the us...

NET hi there, advantage: because you are using javascript some browsers for any reason may not sup...

Server side validation affecting client side validation Hi there I have some client side validation that is working fine and enables/disables buttons based on user selections. However, when I perform server side validation using custom validators (like checking if the user has entered tags or decimals in the integer boxes) and the server side validation returns is Valid = false then all of the Java Script validation that I've already done when the user clicked each control is lost.

I don't understand why the enabled/disabled state of the control is not maintained. Update panel questions concerning updating a textbox inside the panel Hello all, I am trying to create a dynamic way for someone to enter information concering their monthly income and expenses and add up the total at the bottom as they go along.

What I'd like to do is when they tab out of a textbox (say monthly income textbox) it will fire off the event to calculate the total amount and upate the total amount textbox on the fly.

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