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Breon Hollings was arrested after officers found a handgun, ammunition, crack cocaine, oxycodone pills and drug paraphernalia in his trailer, according to an arrest report obtained by Action News Jax. This [sic] don’t stop man.” Approximately one minute into the recording, he appears to pause after hearing the officers before looking outside.

The online video on Facebook Live appears to show the 22-year-old money around while speaking incoherently at the camera. One of them can be heard announcing their presence and their search warrant, before neighbours say they hurled smoke grenades into the home before moving in.

Justin Fenton recently shared a 90-second video showing what appears to be three Baltimore Police officers standing on a street corner.

The camera follows one officer as he walks into an alleyway and places what appears to be a bag of drugs in a trash heap.

Police say Kodak did nothing to get the child away from the danger.

The IG Live broadcast was still rolling when police came into the house.

Mr Hollings quickly left the room, but was arrested moments later.

The police said the search warrant had been planned for that day and that the video had nothing to do with it.

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Crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson told Action News Jax he believed the Facebook Live video could implicate Mr Hollings “if he’s unemployed, and he’s flashing money.” The suspect has reportedly previously been arrested for a number of drug-related offences.

EVERETT — An Everett business owner ratcheted up his campaign to draw attention to homelessness, illegal drug use and criminal activity in the city.

Officers are instructed to turn on their cameras during enforcement or investigative activities, emergency vehicle operation, custodial transports, or “other activities of a potentially confrontational nature”.

A 2016 Justice Department investigation of the Baltimore Police revealed at least one case of an officer planting drugs on a suspect.

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