Who is regina spektor dating

they are the ones that run and do things, they are not devied by any guy in their lives. But don’t you think that we have a bigger challenge in our beloved SA to fight and work hard for the things we want. Had a big wine party, danced a few rounds, and had some profound conversations. it is not often that a conversation makes me think this much, as the one I had with a friend the other day. So how do we then ever “get” each other in this world? In my one week back home I have been in such diverse conversation that I think I am a camillion.

This brings me to a topic that is very hot in my life right now. Even waiting in line at the toll gate on my way to Pretoria (yes, I left my beloved Joburg for a more Afrikaans version of a city) and hearing the lady behind the desk complain about working for a full 15 minutes makes me happy. I kind of want to say that Europeans are fighting about small puny stuff like should people be allowed to wear the burka in public… My friend has this opinion that no two people can feel the same about something. zilch…believes that even thou we both might like the taste of wine we might, NAY! From chatting with the ladies at my gran’s old age home about her, my gran’s, witty retorts whilst knitting (she looked around as if she was looking for something and then said she lost a stitch! Knitters all over the world just died from laughter.) To conversations about my travels and the strange and pasty white Dutchies I had to converse with.

This choice for a mortal life, she makes every day.

A few days ago my heart was in a very difficult position, as I felt like I was working very hard on something that will not matter in the end.

The days spent in a hospital because everyone I know seems to have been in one these past three months. I believe that it is about me grappling with difficult feelings and situations.

Me trying to be who I am and what I believe in at my very core every single day.

I am dreaming about a guy that most certainly will not turn around any time soon and say that he loves me.

I checked my phone constantly this weekend, wishing he will message or call me. It is my best quality, it is also my worst and it becomes worse when I am with this friend. He holds out his hand for when he needs support and I go with all my heart. Waarom het jy vandag vir ‘n omblik In die deur van jou oë kom staan? We, as the human race, chase these eternally evasive ideals of money and happiness.

To give up her family and home for the man she loves.

I always wondered when will I know that I am truly happy on my own?

For so long I believed what society has been telling me; that I need that special someone to be happy.

Then I got in the jukebox on wheels and I could listen to the same french song on repeat as many times as I wanted, because it was making me happy. One I see often and the other not so often as his now ex girlfriend did not condone it.

Once together, we just fell back into our old pineapple ways.

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