Zone labs not updating

“We can do this without creating greater complexity for our users or our support staff.” Originally, Zone Labs said Tuesday that it would decline to fix the vulnerability reported to the Bug Traq mailing list, as the company claimed the hole was a flaw in Windows, and not in its own software.

On Thursday, Zone Labs changed its stance, claiming that any exploit that took advantage of the hole was still “theoretical”, and that that to its knowledge no hacker had used the vulnerability to compromise a user’s system.

To fix that problem, please do a clean uninstall and then reinstall.

Some recently written instructions are here, follow them exactly, every step of the way sure in Spybot S&D you disable Tea Timer.

I have not seen my firewall update in a very long time. There seems to be a number of problems downloading za with firefox.

Zone Labs on Monday rolled out an update to its Integrity Clientless Security solution that blocks non-IT controlled PCs -- such as those owned by partners and used by mobile workers -- from accessing an enterprise's network without having proper security provisions in place.

Clientless Security 2.0 now includes checks for spyware, worms, Trojan horses, key loggers, and other malicious code lurking on guest systems, then automatically disables the processes such malware runs before allowing a user to log on to a Web-based application such as Outlook Web Access or an SSL-secured virtual private network (VPN) connection, said Frederick Felman, the vice president of marketing for the San Francisco, Calif.-based security firm.

When I try to update it manually the program seems to lockup. I am not actually seeing an error with IE but when I try to use it, it becomes "unresponsive" not allowing me to browse.

I open task manager and it shows "Zone Alarm Pro NOT RESPONDING". I have to shut it down with task manager to regain control.

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